Army Photographers.

If I think in an army photographer, the intrepid Robert Capa always comes to my mind, dodging bullets in Omaha beaches, chasing his highest priority which cost him his life: “If your pictures aren´t good enough, you aren´t close enough”.

Really Capa was not a military photographer, he was a graphic reporter integrated into the army. But there were too many combat photographer, most of them anonymous, whom leave us an unique legacy and without which we could not even imagine the magnitude of a war.

Military photography was born with the purpose of supporting the success of a mission (aerial reconnaissance, designation of targets, espionage, to boost troop morale…). In our peace time, our era of image, the military photographer have a different purpose, more subtle and creative.

There are many armies which take care of their image a lot, we could say that military supremacy is closely related to visual supremacy. They mainly notice their human potential, their professionalism and their technology power. The photographic quality in unquestionable, even with a four-star general or a kitchen boy; they highlight their personal value, sacrifice and teamwork with the same intensity that they become war machines in technological icons of our time.

Check the links for in order to appreciate all these aspects, because as would be expected, the selection of photos done just reached aircrafts.

In this brief review we should highlight the USAF and RAF, ; I could not say which is ranked first but clearly inside the USA army from my point of view, the NAVY takes second level and MARINES deserve, from my point of view, the bronze medal. The french Armée de l’Air shows a great picture gallery on its corporate website, the german Luftwaffe as well (although we can not show their photographs because according flickr the copyright has all reserved rights). The italian Aeronautica Militare show good pictures on its institutional website, but with a obsolote presentation and size.

The Spanish Air Force has a gallery on the institutional website and Flickr ; we could highlight pictures of our friends Peng Cheng or Ismael Abeytua (excellent photographer who would love to join Airspotters.org) and many others photographers, military or non-military, whom honor the work done by the Air Force in all its aspects.

Red Arrows Over Kuwait City
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Senior Aircraftsman (SAC) Craig Marshall | Red Arrows Over Kuwait City | Nikon D300 @ 1/1250s, f/7.1 at 34mm ISO 320.

Spitfire and Hurricane in flight at RAF
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Cpl Gary Morgan | Spitfire and Hurricane in flight at RAF | No exif

RAF Typhoon
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: John Eklund | ‘Shark Attack’ | Canon EOS 5D Mark III @ 1/800s, f/5 at 200mm ISO 100.

C-130J Illuminated at night at RAF St Athan
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Paul Crouch | C-130J Illuminated at night at RAF St Athan | NIKON D4 @ 30s, f/5.6 at 15mm ISO 500.

RAF A400M Atlas Aircraft 'City of Bristol'
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Cpl Paul Oldfield | RAF A400M Atlas Aircraft ‘City of Bristol’ | Canon EOS-1D X @ 1/400s, f/7.1 at 70mm ISO 800.

Tornado GR4 Over London
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: SAC Andy Masson | Tornado GR4 Over London | NIKON D3X @ 1/1000s, f/3.2 at 52mm ISO 200.

UK F-35B Lightning II at Eglin AFB, Florida
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Harland Quarrington | UK F-35B Lightning II at Eglin AFB, Florida | Canon EOS-1D X @ 1/1600s, f/5.6 at 533mm ISO 100.

HMS Montrose's Lynx Helicopter Dips Her Nose Towards the Ship
↑ Crown copyright (c) | Photographer: Alex Knott | HMS Montrose’s Lynx Helicopter Dips Her Nose Towards the Ship | Gopro Hero3-Black Edition.

↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen | Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 over Tucson | NIKON D4 @ 1/3200s, f/8 at 31mm ISO 200.

Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise 15-01
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Staff Sgt. Sean Martin | NIKON D4 @ 1/125s, f/8 at 34mm ISO 200.

Soaring Lancer
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Senior Airman James Richardson | A B-1B Lancer takes off from Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar | NIKON D4 @ 1/3200s, f/8 at 31mm ISO 200.

Thunderbirds return from Minden
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer:Capt. Sara Harper | Thunderbirds return from Minden | NIKON D610 @ 1/1250s, f/8 at 78mm ISO 400.

F-22 Raptors deploy to Estonia
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Tech. Sgt. Ryan Crane | An F-22 pilot from the 95th Fighter Squadron | NIKON D4 @ 1/500s, f/6.3 at 250mm ISO 250.

Australian KC-30 photos
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Christian Turner | An F-16 Fighting Falcon from the 416th Flight Test Squadron | Canon EOS-1D X @ 1/500s, f/7.1 at 105mm ISO 100.

Warbirds take the sky
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Airman 1st Class Philip Bryant | A P-51 Mustang flies over Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling | No exif

F-22s in Europe
↑ US AIR FORCE (c) | Photographer: Tech. Sgt. Jason Robertson | A U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor flies over the Baltic Sea | NIKON D4 @ 1/400s, f/8 at 70mm ISO 200.

An MV-22 Osprey launches from USS Boxer.
↑ US NAVY (c) | Photographer: MCSN Eric C. Burgett | An MV-22 Osprey launches from USS Boxer. | NIKON D700 @ 30s, f/2.8 at 42mm ISO 1000.


↑ ARMÉE DE L’AIR (c) | Photographer: Anthony Jeuland | Djibouti. | No Exif.

↑ ARMÉE DE L’AIR (c) | Rafale. | No Exif.

Rafale en vol
↑ ARMÉE DE L’AIR (c) | Photographer: Richard Nicolas-Nelson | Rafale en vol. | No Exif.

↑ ARMÉE DE L’AIR (c) | Mirage 2000 | No Exif.

↑ ARMÉE DE TERRE (c) | Photographer: P.Gillis | Tigre | No Exif.

↑ ARMÉE DE L’AIR (c) | Photographer: Anthony Jeuland | Mirage F1 | No Exif.


041_España_Mc Donnell Douglas F-18 Hornet
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: – | Mc Donnell Douglas F-18 Hornet | No Exif.

042_España_Ismael Abeytua Vega
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: Ismael Abeytua Vega | Apaga y vámonos | No Exif.

043_España_Manual Acosta Zapata
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: Manuel Acosta Zapata | DACT`15| No Exif.

044_España_Sergio Ruiz González
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: Sergio Ruiz González | Futuro | No Exif.

045_España_Patrulla Aguila
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: Cheng Peng | Patrulla Aguila Temporada 2015| No Exif.

046_España_Javier Saenz de Cenzano
↑ EJERCITO DEL AIRE (c) | Fotógrafo: Javier Saenz de Cenzano | Colección:Espíritu mínimo | No Exif.

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