(Español) El A400M CAMO de la Fuerza Aérea de Egipto

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Ayer, 28 de diciembre fue el Día de los Santos Inocentes o lo que es lo mismo, el único día del año que se nos permite crear falsas noticias para abusar de la ingenuidad de nuestros desprevenidos seguidores y por supuesto, […]

“HePic” & Björn Hellenius

Nowadays, when you hear a name for the first time, instantly you google it and wait what is going to appear. This was my case. After googling Björn Hellenius I found a very elegant website where our next photographer has an impressive set of photographs as portfolio. Most of the […]

(Español) Spotter Day Sevilla 2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. El pasado día 20 de octubre se celebró en Sevilla el 4º Spotter Day (#SpotterDaySVQ). Se trata de una tradición bastante consolidada donde Aena abre sus aeropuertos a los aficionados de la fotografía aeronáutica, en este caso, organizado a través de […]

(Español) Festival Aéreo Internacional Torre del Mar 2017 en fotos.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. El pasado domingo estuvimos disfrutando del Festival Aéreo Internacional de Torre del Mar…. desde el mar, valga la redundancia. Es la única opción posible para evitar el contraluz de la mañana y disfrutar de una jornada fotográfica menos congestionada. Lo hicimos […]

Przemysław Krystaszek

The hardest thing for a photographer is to get being recognized by the images. Create your own, recognizable and unique style which distinguishes your work from others, is something that is not accesible to everyone. Much less if you are a newcomer to the aviation photography world, but always there […]

9.000 photos on Flickr!

As you know, the main goal of Airspotters.org is to contribute to spread high quality aviation photography. A short while ago, we created a group on flickr where we invited to be involved any photo that highlight over others, in our opinion. We have just reached 9.000 photographs!! Thank you […]

(Español) Una refrescante fumigación.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. El verano pasado comentábamos que lo mejor para evitar este insoportable calor era irse de spotting nocturno, pasamos un buen rato y sacamos algunas fotos bastante curiosas (Ver aqui aquella sesión) Este verano, hemos optado por el fresquito matutino de las […]

Chris Heal & Frontline Aviation

«Never was so much owed by so many to so few» These words of Churchill summarise the pride of a whole nation towards the pilots of the RAF. That feeling of admiration not only has remained intact until nowadays, but survives in its culture, revives through its air festivals and […]

Aviation Photographs for Sale

Selling photographs of airplanes is not usually a priority in the career of a spotter, defined as an aviation photographer who exclusively dedicated to his hobby. It is something that happens occationally and it is a huge lever, more in a profesional way, rather than speaking in economical terms. One […]

Army Photographers.

If I think in an army photographer, the intrepid Robert Capa always comes to my mind, dodging bullets in Omaha beaches, chasing his highest priority which cost him his life: “If your pictures aren´t good enough, you aren´t close enough”. Really Capa was not a military photographer, he was a […]

Jorge Guardia

It’s been a while since I follow Jorge Guardia’s photography, in fact, I felt tempted to write this article in several occasions. However I always wondered if his photos were a mere spark of talent or just begginer’s luck. 20 likes 7,907 views

Tonry Aerials

This short reel for aerial cinematographer Roger Tonry is a compilation of footage shot from Clay Lacy’s Astrovision equipped Lear Jet, Wolfe Air’s Vectorvision jet, and even a modified B-25 bomber from the Planes of Fame. The acquisition formats are equally varied. They range from 35mm film, Red Epic to […]

Nigel Paine.

What is happening with sharpness in the UK!!! It is extraordinary. We have seen it with Mark Jayne in the Mach Loop and now Nigel Paine surprises us with the warbirds. It is almost impossible to write something that can match these photos, any words left just sound boring. There […]

Vlad “Hokum” Perminov. MAKS 2015

We are in 2015, odd year, year of “MAKS”, the most important air festival in Russia besides a multimillionaire business. As I have a weakness for Russian planes, I have been following for years, on flickr, whom I think is one of the best Russian spotter: Vladislav “Hokum” Perminov. His […]

KLAX from above.

Everyone has dreamed with a getaway to Amsterdam to have a glorious journey of spotting, some others prefer Heathrow, the stronger spotters choose Axalp or The Mach Loop and the exotic ones choose Saint Marteen. But these getaways are overshadowed by the pilgrimage performed by four of our spotters around […]

Contra el calor: Spotting Nocturno

↑ Tecnam P96G | EC-DP4 | Canon EOS 5D Mark II 28mm f7.1 30s ISO100 Medicion Parcial. Daniel Guerra (c) Demasiado calor para dormir. Nos escapamos al campo de vuelo, ya de madrugada, con la idea de fotografiar la via lactea con el avión como protagonista, pero claro, aunque no […]


Esta mañana casi nos comen los mosquitos. Habia miles y con bastante mala leche. Asi nos han recibido a las 7 de la mañana en la pista de Trillo, donde Rafael Ariza tenia programados un par de vuelos y nosotros queriamos aprovechar la oportunidad de sacar algunas instantaneas a contraluz, […]

Un dron en el aeropuerto

Cuando veo la foto de mi aeropuerto habitual pero hecha desde “otro” sitio, me parece totalmente nueva, inédita, y eso que a lo mejor el spotter de turno simplemente le apetecía hacerla desde unos cientos de metros mas allá, desde el monticulo vecino. El aeropuerto es el mismo y el […]


Almost all of us have started “plane spotting” with a stereotyped vision of aviation. For better or worse, we all started by taking the same type of photographs based on the rules established by specialized websites. Every spotter dream is to share his or her own photographs in these websites […]