9.000 photos on Flickr!

As you know, the main goal of Airspotters.org is to contribute to spread high quality aviation photography.

A short while ago, we created a group on flickr where we invited to be involved any photo that highlight over others, in our opinion.

We have just reached 9.000 photographs!!

Thank you very much to all of you who collaborated to create this great catalogue, It is a real pleasure for the eyes.

Now, a short sample of what you can find on airspotters.org flickr group.

0_Arnoud.Raeven_Easyjest ready for taxi
↑ Arnoud Raeven (c) | Aviation Photographer from Netherlands | Easyjet ready for taxi | http://arnoud.raeven.nl/

0_Jonathan Navarro_WHICH WAY TO THE RUNWAY
↑ Jonathan Navarro (c) | Aviation Photographer from Phoenix, Arizona | Which way to the runway |

0_Nigel Paine_Robin DR400 G-ZIPI
↑ Nigel Paine (c) | Aviation Photographer from Hastings, UK | Robin DR-400 G-ZIPI | More about Nigel Paine on Airspotters.org

0_Oliver Louis_Saudia Cargo Boeing 747-8F
↑ Oliver Louis (c) | Aviation Photographer from Germany | Saudia Cargo Boeing 747-8F |

0_Przemyslaw Krystaszek
↑ Przemyslaw Krystaszek (c) | Aviation Photographer from Poland| No title |

0_Ross Forsyth_Autumn
↑ Ross Forsyth (c) | Aviation Photographer from UK | Autumn |

0_Nigel Blake_Boeing CV-22B Ospreys
↑ Nigel Blake (c) | Aviation Photographer from UK | Boeing CV-22B Ospreys|

0_Marcin Sikorzak_Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
↑ Marcin Sikorzak (c) | Aviation Photographer from Warsaw, Poland | Copenhagen Kastrup Airport |

0_Jan Czonstke_P3c Orion in der Flugzeugwaschanlage
↑ Jan Czonstke (c) | Aviation Photographer from Germany | P3c Orion in der Flugzeugwaschanlage |

0_Ewout Pahud_China Airlines A330-300 B-18301
↑ Ewout Pahud (c) | Aviation Photographer from Netherland | China Airlines Airbus A330-300 B-18301 |

0_Gregoire Delatte Ever felt small
↑ Gregoire Delatte (c) | Aviation Photographer from France| CEver felt small? | More about Greoire Delatte on Airspotters.org

0_Valentin Chesneau_C130 Belgian AF
↑ Valentin Chesneau (c) | Aviation Photographer from France| C130 Belgian AF|

0_Vlad Perminoff_Su-30SM
↑ Vlad Perminoff (c) | Aviation Photographer from Russia | Su-30SM|

0_Andy Crossley_N509MV  Private  Super King Air
↑ Andy Crossley (c) | Aviation Photographer from UK | N509MV | Private | Super King Air |

Of course we don’t forget spanish photographers who actively colaborate with us. Thank you all.

This is just a small sample, Click here and go to flickr group.

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