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“HePic” & Björn Hellenius

Nowadays, when you hear a name for the first time, instantly you google it and wait what is going to appear. This was my case. After googling Björn Hellenius I found a very elegant website where our next photographer has an impressive set of photographs as portfolio. Most of the […]

Aviation Photographs for Sale

Selling photographs of airplanes is not usually a priority in the career of a spotter, defined as an aviation photographer who exclusively dedicated to his hobby. It is something that happens occationally and it is a huge lever, more in a profesional way, rather than speaking in economical terms. One […]

Jorge Guardia

It’s been a while since I follow Jorge Guardia’s photography, in fact, I felt tempted to write this article in several occasions. However I always wondered if his photos were a mere spark of talent or just begginer’s luck. 20 likes 14,194 views

Nigel Paine.

What is happening with sharpness in the UK!!! It is extraordinary. We have seen it with Mark Jayne in the Mach Loop and now Nigel Paine surprises us with the warbirds. It is almost impossible to write something that can match these photos, any words left just sound boring. There […]


Esta mañana casi nos comen los mosquitos. Habia miles y con bastante mala leche. Asi nos han recibido a las 7 de la mañana en la pista de Trillo, donde Rafael Ariza tenia programados un par de vuelos y nosotros queriamos aprovechar la oportunidad de sacar algunas instantaneas a contraluz, […]

Barridos y spotting a baja velocidad

Hacer un buen barrido, para mi, es una operación compleja, se podría decir que tiene 20% de técnica y 80% de suerte y para ese 80% mas te vale tener el boton apretado como si no hubieses visto un botón en tu vida mientras el avión pasa delante tuya como […]