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Chris Heal & Frontline Aviation

«Never was so much owed by so many to so few» These words of Churchill summarise the pride of a whole nation towards the pilots of the RAF. That feeling of admiration not only has remained intact until nowadays, but survives in its culture, revives through its air festivals and […]

Army Photographers.

If I think in an army photographer, the intrepid Robert Capa always comes to my mind, dodging bullets in Omaha beaches, chasing his highest priority which cost him his life: “If your pictures aren´t good enough, you aren´t close enough”. Really Capa was not a military photographer, he was a […]

Nigel Paine.

What is happening with sharpness in the UK!!! It is extraordinary. We have seen it with Mark Jayne in the Mach Loop and now Nigel Paine surprises us with the warbirds. It is almost impossible to write something that can match these photos, any words left just sound boring. There […]

A400M RAF en Gibraltar

Empezamos el 2015 con producto nacional, el A400M ensamblado en Sevilla de la mano de Richard Sánchez, spotter Malagueño y sin embargo amigo. Esta foto está tomada en Gibraltar, LXGB, con la maestria que caracteriza a Richard, jugandosela a 1/125!!. Los datos de la fotografia son: 4 likes 9,368 views


Maybe the name Mark Jayne doesn´t sound familiar to you but if one mentions MJAviation, Mach Loop will immediately cross your mind. Like no one else before him, Mark Jayne contributed to the popularity of Mach Loop, not only through his spectacular photographs but also through detailed information on how […]