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Army Photographers.

If I think in an army photographer, the intrepid Robert Capa always comes to my mind, dodging bullets in Omaha beaches, chasing his highest priority which cost him his life: “If your pictures aren´t good enough, you aren´t close enough”. Really Capa was not a military photographer, he was a […]

Jorge Guardia

It’s been a while since I follow Jorge Guardia’s photography, in fact, I felt tempted to write this article in several occasions. However I always wondered if his photos were a mere spark of talent or just begginer’s luck. 20 likes 13,360 views

KLAX from above.

Everyone has dreamed with a getaway to Amsterdam to have a glorious journey of spotting, some others prefer Heathrow, the stronger spotters choose Axalp or The Mach Loop and the exotic ones choose Saint Marteen. But these getaways are overshadowed by the pilgrimage performed by four of our spotters around […]


Esta mañana casi nos comen los mosquitos. Habia miles y con bastante mala leche. Asi nos han recibido a las 7 de la mañana en la pista de Trillo, donde Rafael Ariza tenia programados un par de vuelos y nosotros queriamos aprovechar la oportunidad de sacar algunas instantaneas a contraluz, […]


Almost all of us have started “plane spotting” with a stereotyped vision of aviation. For better or worse, we all started by taking the same type of photographs based on the rules established by specialized websites. Every spotter dream is to share his or her own photographs in these websites […]