Przemysław Krystaszek

The hardest thing for a photographer is to get being recognized by the images.

Create your own, recognizable and unique style which distinguishes your work from others, is something that is not accesible to everyone. Much less if you are a newcomer to the aviation photography world, but always there are exceptions.

Przemysław Krystaszek has achieved exactly this goal in just over a year. He became interested in airplanes since summer 2015 and today has established a powerful visual style based on using very cropped and dynamic framings intensified by a low-light atmosphere.

When I contacted with Przemysław, I told him that his framings were very interesting, with an unusual style in aviation photography, very close and artistic. I was deeply interested in knowing what was his inspiration … I liked the answer so much, so nothing better than his words to explain it.

“Yes, I do like photos on big close up 🙂 I like cropped frames.

Time ago I used to try catching on one picture the whole aircraft.

Until one day I came across the manual, written by great polish photographer Sławek “Hesja” Krajniewski. And there he actually opened my eyes to air photography, and I understood that it’s not that important to show the whole aircraft at once, but rather making a dynamic photo. To catch the movement. That’s why there are so many slanted photos in my portfolio, so many close ups on details.

That the influence of Hesja style (here is the link to his portfolio:www.hesja.pl/), his works are my biggest inspirations.

On Flickr I registered few years ago, but only recently I discovered the power of this site.
It’s a gold mine of inspirations, that I haven’t noticed before 🙂 There are so many great photographers here that are true inspiration, for example, Peng Chen. whom you mentioned on your blog 🙂

I’ve always have been fascinated by aviation, especially military aviation. And the access to that world is rather limited, so in a way I’m approaching it via aviation photography.

Right now I’m practicing a lot. Making sharp photo with long exposure it’s quite a challenge for me, but for sure is a lot of fun too, once there is one sharp photo in bulk of 50 😀 and that’s what I’m looking for, sharp photos. But apparently it’s not always happening. 🙂

My current equipment is Nikon D500 (dream finally came true :), and for that I have to thank my wife, for her indulgence! 🙂
Second body is Nikon D7100

Lenses I now carry most of the time is Sigma C 150-600, and for practicing it’s currently enough.

Beside that there is Nikkor 70-300 and 18-70 and Sigma 10-20″

It is the moment to enjoy of a small selection of my favourite photos ….. Thank you Przemysław and welcome to Airspotters.org.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | A400M | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | A400M | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | AJS-37-VIGGEN | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | BLACK HAWK | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | BOEING B-52 STRATOFORTRESS| No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | C-130 POLISH AIR FORCE| No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | F-16 POLISH AIR FORCE | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | F-16 POLISH AIR FORCE | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | F-16 POLISH AIR FORCE | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | F-16 POLISH AIR FORCE | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | F-16 POLISH AIR FORCE| No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | FIREFLIES AEROBATIC TEAM | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | FREECE | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | K-135 | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | P-51D MUSTANG | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | ROCKWELL B-1B LANCER | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | RYANAIR | No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | TEETH| No exif.

↑ Przemysław Krystaszek (c) | C-160 | No exif.

Przemysław is a graphic designer, maybe this fact explains his way of seeing things.

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See you soon!!
Keep calm and shoot!!

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