SIRIO 2021

Between June 21 and 28, Exercise “SIRIO 21” was carried out, conducted by the Combat Air Command (MACOM).

The Sirio 21 is the largest advanced training exercise of the operational units of the Air Force at the national level and aims to ensure their readiness to carry out operations, as well as to maintain their readiness and readiness status required to quickly build and effective air operational organizations to be determined.

29 Air Force units participate in the execution of SIRIO 21, in addition to Army units (BRIPAC, and Antiaircraft Artillery units and FAMET) and the Navy (Blas de Lezo Frigate and AV-8B Harrier II Plus aircraft of the 9th Squadron). In total, 2,145 personnel participate as training audiences, as well as air resources, including 34 fighter aircraft (Eurofighter and F-18), 5 transport aircraft (A-400, C-295 and C-212), 2 Super Puma helicopters and two MQ-9 Predators. The latter are a novelty for being the first time they have participated in an exercise of these characteristics since this RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) system was officially delivered to the Air Force last February.

Regarding the evaluation processes, this year the Exercise ‘SIRIO 21’ takes a step further because it will include the implementation, for the first time in the Air Force, of the new NATO Tactical Evaluation model (TACEVAL), Through which the nations evaluate and certify in national exercises the preparation of the forces offered to NATO within the commitments acquired by Spain as a member of the Atlantic Alliance.

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