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(Español) OCEAN SKY 2020

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Como viene siendo habitual por estas fechas y, a pesar de la difícil situación causada por la COVID-19, desde el día 17 al 30 de este mes de octubre se está celebrando en el Archipiélago Canario el complejo ejercicio “Ocean Sky […]

Air-to-Air photography with Aviation Photocrew & COAP

We went to the air base of Wittmund, northern Germany, to participate a photography session (air-air) organized between the Aviation Photocrew and COAP (Centre of Aviation Photography) with the Eurofighters of the Luftwaffe Germany and the Skyhawks of the Canadian company TOP ACES, which serves the German air force, as […]


(Español) Eurofighters Españoles en el Báltico

Today, the operational deployment of Aerial Vigilance in the Baltic (BAP, Baltic Air Policing) has been presented to the press, at the headquarters of the No. 11 wing of the Air Force. This deployment corresponds for the second time to Group 11 of the Air Force, based at the Air […]

Chris Heal & Frontline Aviation

«Never was so much owed by so many to so few» These words of Churchill summarise the pride of a whole nation towards the pilots of the RAF. That feeling of admiration not only has remained intact until nowadays, but survives in its culture, revives through its air festivals and […]